What To Do In Sri Lanka

Here in Sri Lanka there is so much to do! Adventures such as water rafting, rock climbing, wildlife safaris, snorkeling or scuba diving will take your breath away. You can relax with Ayurvedic treatments and meditative experiences. You can discover the magic of spices with traditional Sri Lankan cuisine.

In Sri Lanka you will find the only elephant orphanage in the world. There you can see elephants up close, bathe them in the river, or feed the babies yourself!

There are many things we can arrange for you during your visit. We can make your dreams come true whether you want to just watch and experience or jump in and be a part of the experience. Either way you will leave having had a most amazing and memorable trip.


Elephant Back Riding

Elephants are the great travel companien since ancient time. You can have great opportunity with elephant in elephant riding. While elephant ride you can observe wild life as well as people's life. With this greatest beast you will have most unforgettable experience in your life time.

We can arrange you elephant riding in Sigiriya, Habarana, Minneriya, Kavudulla as well as in vilages you wish to wive while siting on elephant back.


Bullock Cart Riding

You can travel rocky paths in villages on bullock cart. Not only you have sit in cart, but now you can drive it your own. You can have drive most of vehicles in your life time, but this will be the frist time you give the directions to live animal and he is driving for you.

We can arrange you to ride bullock cart anywhere you wish.


Horse Riding

Horse back riding is one of the unforgettable experience which you can have. You can ride Horse in sandy beaches, rocky mountains, through streams and through lush green paddy fields
It would be an experience of a life time.

We can arrange you to Horse riding in Colombo, Benthota, Sigiriya, Nuwara eliya, Kandy, or anywhere you which.


Boat Riding

Boat riding is a one activity you can have fun with your family. You can have spot the many species of birds which are encountered in Sri Lanka as you ride along the most of rivers. Schools of fishes are swim with your boat right below your boat. Be sure to allocate time for an adventurous river boat ride. It will never forget you.

We can arrange you various boats includin swan boats. We are arrange boat riding most of the rivers and also the sea.


Mountain Bike Riding

Find the time in your holidays to ride mountain bike. Fight with the wind through tea estates and paddy fields. You can even lose few pounds and earn healthy life.

We can arrange you to ride mountain bike any where you wish.



Hiking is a most exciting way to explore Nature and Culture in Sri Lanka. Specially is in the central highland and some parts of the surrounding lowland of sri Lanka.
Some times you can walk through paths which no one ever walk through. It is good for your health and your money. Becouse hiking is lesser coasting way to have an adventure.

We can arrange you for hiking any where you wish.


Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is the most famous and dangerous adventure sport, wether you are professional or not. But in Sri Lanka there is varieties of places you can do this if you are a beginner.

We can arrange you rock climbing in Knuckles mountain range, Ella, Habarana, Sigiriya and other various places.


White Water Rafting

White water rafting is most famous water sport. You can fight with water. This is the most fomous sport to learn how to do a group work. Kithulgala is the main place in Sri lanka you can have water rafting.



Sri Lanka is a island surrounded by sea. So there are many places to surfing.

Hikkaduwa and Arugam Bay is the mast famous beaches for surfing. But there are many other places like Unawatuna, Ahangama, Weligama, Mirissa or Yala, where you can surf.



Coral reefs are highest biodiversity ecosystems. While you diving you can peek to a that ecosystem with large number of fish schools.

Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna is the most famous places for diving



Have you stay over night in wild. If no, there are great opportunity to feel the mystery of wild in night.

There are many many camping sites we can arrange you as your wish.


Air Balooning

See the beauty of Sri lanken lands in air. Air balloning give you a most unforgettable experience of your life time.

Sigiriya is the famous site for air balloning.


Train Tours

Train tour is one of oppeortunity which you can visit sea level to up country.

Now you can have luxury train tour with on board meal, unlimited tea and coffee, wi-fi facility while sitting in fully air conditioned train.



Boat Tours

Boat tour is a one activity you can have fun with your family. You can have spot the many species of birds which are encountered in Sri Lanka as you tour along the most of rivers. Schools of fishes are swim with your boat right below your boat. You can see coral reef and fishes bottom of your boat while tour in reef gardens.


Jeep Safari

Jeep safari is the most famous way to observe wild life

We can arrange you jeep safari in every wild life park as well as any where you wish.


Traditional Cooking

Do the miracles with spices. Follow traditional cookery program. Learn the magic of spices.
You can have great pleasure with Sri Lankan foods. Now you have to chance not only taste them but also make them your own.


Kandyan Dancing

You all know world famous kandyan dancers in Sri Lanka. Now you all have opportunity to become one of them.
You can reveal secret of all impossible move with greatest dancing masters in the country.



Feel the inner peace and calm your mind with meditation. It is good for your health. Reveal many secrets through the meditation.



Feel the magic of ayurvedic power. There are many many treatments as oil massage, steam massage, foot massage, etc.
Feel the healing power of ayurveda. You can feel it deep in your heart.


Elephant Watching

Elephants are the most wise wild beasts in the world. You can have most thrilling experience with elephant watching tour.


Whale Watching

Do you know the mammals in water. Yes, you can visit them with our whale watching tour. You can see the life of our closest relations Who live in the water.


Bird Watching

In Sri Lanka you can wake up with bird songs. No matter where you stay you can't avoid seen a singel bird.
But you can see their whole life story with our bird watching tour. You can have great opportunity to observe number of bird varieties in those tour


Elephant Care

Now first time in the world you can have a great experience.
In sri lanka there is the only elephant orphanage in the world. In here now you can participate baby elephant take care program. So you can feed them and look after them on your own hands.


Turtle Hatcheries

Visit turtle hatcheries. You can see how to emerge baby turtles from the sand. You can see how we are care and nourish them. You can see how them grow and swim back their natural habitat. Even you can release them to ocean in your own hands.


Tea Factories

Visit tea estates and tea factories. See the story of great tea in the world. Drink your cup of tea with knowing how to pick tea leaf and the story how it come to your tea cup.


Spice Gardens

Visit spice gardens. See where the world famous spices are grown and feel them your own.


Gem Mining

Willing to know how the world famouse gems are born. Visit the gem mines and gem museums. See your own eyes, how to find gems on battle with soil.
See how they dressed up and come your hands.



There are famous Bathiks, Leathers, Jewelleries, Handicrafts, Carvings, etc... you can buy here. We arrange shopping trips at Kandy, Colombo and Negombo.

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